Chilli Powder

Chilli Powder

Chilli is a fruit which belongs to Capsicum genus.

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Chilli Powder

A product ofChilli Powder

Chilli is a fruit which belongs to Capsicum genus. It has many varieties which are differentiated on its pungency measured on Scoville Scale. Chilli fruit when ripened and dried becomes red chilli, which is further grounded to form red chilli powder. These are categorized as hot pepper. Red chilli became famous all around the world because of its characteristics like pungency, taste and flavor matched black pepper, which was very expensive during old times and thus it became one of the most important and integral spices.

Nutritional values Per 100g
Protein 12.26g
Total Carbohydrate 54.66g
Total Fat 16.76g
Saturated Fat 2.953g
Total Cholesterol 0mg
Sugar 7.19g
Poly Unsaturated 7.458g
Mono Unsaturated 3.574g
Sodium 1010mg
Potassium 1916mg
Calcium 278mg
Iron 14.25mg
Energy 314kcal
Trans Fat -
Dietary Fiber 34.2g
Vitamin C 64.1mg
Vitamin A 1483mcg

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Packing sizes: 65g, 500g, 1kg

Product Packaging Size Unit (Pouch) Per Carton Cartons Per Pallet Units Per Pallet Pallets Per 20ft Container Units Per 20ft Container
65g 12 240 2,880 10 28,800
500g 10 120 1,200 10 700
1kg 2 35 70 10 700

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